ZPointSmallLogo is an energy technology research, which investigates creation of energy by extracting usable energy from the quantum structure of space-time. The research once successful will have a big impact on the energy scenario of the world because it will enables the generation of sustainable, infinite electrical energy. This technology will remove the notion of constrains of available energy thus enabling us to use as much energy as required for the comfort and betterment of life. A by-product of this technology will be the cooling energy, which can be transported over long distances through electric wires. 

We plan to achieve it by tunneling (not accelerating) electrons from below the speed of light to above the speed of light in vacuum or in silicon, which will create very high negative and positive energy components. A simple theoretical framework of it is proposed in this paper:  Extended principle of relativity beyond speed of light and a method to push particles beyond the speed of light , which is an extension of the Royal Society of Physics paper by Hill & Cox: Einstein’s special relativity beyond the speed of light. This will leads to infinite non-destructive generation of electricity anywhere, anytime at any scale for usage and distribution. The other product of the process is supposed to be negative energy, which may be transported over long distances through electric wires for cooling.